"Craig and I had been together 10 years before getting married, and it was important to us that our Celebrant understood our relationship and the enormity of this next step. Peter was everything we wanted in a Celebrant... and more. He put us at ease as soon as wesat down to discuss our ceremony and what we envisioned. He helped us with our vows and was there for us if we had any questions. On the day, Peter helped Craig relax, as I was unexpectantly 25 mins late, and he made our guests feel very welcome. Our ceremony was perfect - relaxed, seamless,... exactly what we were after. Thank you Peter for making our day that much more special! I would recommend Peter to anyone looking to get married, or renewing their vows. P.S., We now have a beautiful daughter (conceived 1 month after our wedding!)... so now will be looking for Peter and theWeddingGuy team to conduct our baby naming ceremony."

Donna Heaton, Events Manager, Auckland

"The honeymoon stems from the 4000 year old pagan wedding celebration where the dancing and mead were non-stop, sometimes for as long as an entire moon cycle. According to the tradition, the bride's father was required to supply his son-in-law with all the mead (honey beer) he could drink for one lunar month. This became known as the 'honey month' or honeymoon. Mead is often referred to as the nectar of the gods or the drink of love. In the past, it was considered a beverage that enhanced fertility, growth and especially the birth of a male child."

The very word, "Honeymoon", rings with the promise of romance. Although you may take many trips together throughout your relationship, no other journey will hold the same significance as this one - your first trip as husband and wife.

This is the trip you want to be a "journey to remember, for all the right reasons!" This is one of the few occasions where you're looking for the perfect Hotel, the best room in the Hotel, trouble-free transportation, and of course, romance, romance, romance!

No Honeymoon adventure can be 100% perfect-unexpected discoveries and last-minute plan changes can be part of the fun of travel. However, some surprises - the Hotel room that throbs with the sound of the adjacent disco, the Bed and Breakfast with a shared bath, the cruise stateroom with twin beds - are best avoided.

That's where we can work with you toward fine-tuning your Honeymoon travel and destination plans, allowing you the opportunity to concentrate on the joy of your Honeymoon and the trip of a lifetime.

TheWeddingGuy Co enjoys exclusive access agreements to beautiful and highly sought after Hotels, Luxury Apartments, Secluded Lodges, and other properties. Ask us how we can assist you.

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