"Hey Peter & Valeta, Thank you both greatly for your assistance in our wedding. Jason and I had a lovely day and it was truly memorable. We both thoroughy enjoyed the ceremony as we had an opportunity to personalise it to suit us. A nice short ceremony was appreciated by our guests and it certainly helped that there was a strong loud voice leading the ceremony so that all could hear it. We are settled in now, and both enjoying life. The kids still talk about the ceremony even now!"

Elly & Jason Ruru, NZ Army officers, New Zealand

"Vows renewals are a part of our business which is extremely close to our heart. The reason I say this is because having been married myself now for over

20 years to my High School sweetheart, I think that it's wonderfully romantic (if for no other reason), to reaffirm your love for the person to whom you'd pledged your love, and life, many years before!" - Peter.D.

Whether it's a formal setting, or preceding a relaxed dinner party with close friends, we're happy to offer recommendations toward a specially tailored ceremony to suit you and your sweetheart!